At BCC we are equipping His Kids to be powerful disciples.  Their faith and openness is incredible, and we value them as the future of our church.
Our dedicated and trained team of children’s ministry leaders work diligently to create a safe, welcoming, dynamic environment for children to grow and be encouraged in their walk with God. We team up with parents and the Holy Spirit to be attentive to who each child is, what captures their attention, and help them grow according to his or her giftings and needs.  We firmly believe that each and every child is competent and has something to offer the world. We do our best to activate and foster their potential through our actions, positive guidance, love and opportunities to explore, ask, create, share, and learn.

Sign-in time for all classes is Sunday at 10:20am. The same parent must sign their child in and out. First time visitors should fill out a Registration Form, available at the check-in desk.

Nursery (infants and toddlers)

On Sundays we have a secure, staffed nursery to take care of your children aged 0-3 years.  Our Nursery Team plans and facilitates age-appropriate activities, crafts, story and snack times that tie into the See What God Made/See What God Does curriculum. On Thursdays, the Nursery is a self-serve space where nursing moms or family members can bring their infants and children under age 3 after requesting access from a Cafe volunteer.   The nursery overlooks the main sanctuary and an audio feed of the service is available.

Kinder (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 1)

Downstairs we have a Kinder class for students of Junior Kindergarten and Grade 1. The Kinder students join the Elementary students for a time of worship and prayer, and then go to their own classroom where they are taught an exciting and age-appropriate Gospel Project for Kids curriculum. They are always sent home with the unit’s key scripture and Big Picture Question so that you can be a part of their learning.

Elementary (Grades 2-5)

The Elementary class is also located downstairs.  They, too, participate in large group worship and prayer and in the Gospel Project curriculum – with more opportunities to share, be challenged, and to lead.  We are helping them to read and unpack Biblical truths and spiritual disciplines and encourage them to apply their learning to their lives.

Junior High (Grades 6-10)

In Junior High, we dig a little deeper.  Our Junior High students participate in corporate worship and communion and have a Bible study with a consistent mentor each week in a laid back environment just for them.  They walk together with a mentor who pours into them and challenges them as they explore what it means to truly follow Christ. We create opportunities for Junior High students to engage their faith, serve others, and fellowship in and out of the church environment.  When your child enters Grade 10, we would love to discuss the options for next steps with you.

Join Our Team!


Volunteers are always needed!  Please contact Meagan if you are interested, feeling called, or want to challenge yourself, to serve in the children’s ministry.